The movie location

The movie location is the place of the shooting process displayed in the frame. The definition and selection of locations, is one of the key tasks facing the director and crew, before the organization of filming. The main requirement for location is an accordance to the artistic concept and the possibility of technical organization of filming. There are two type of locations: outdoor (street, park, forest, field, etc.) and indoor locations (house, apartment, shop, office, etc.). The specialized stages is often to use for creating locations. The production designer of the filming crew is occupied with arrangement of the location. Work on the location is carried out in several phases:

1) Search and selection of location. It’s implemented by location managers or specialized location companies. They operate within the production studios that implement the filming process. The search is carried out by databases of possible locations, or directly on the terrain.

2) Approval of locations. After the locations are selected, representatives of the filming crew visit the locations, in order to visually determine the correspondence of a particular location to artistic and technical requirements.

3) Documentary support. Filming at many locations requires obtaining permits from state and governing departments, escorting the traffic police, filming on roads, etc., at this phase all authorization documents are issued.

4) Escort on the location. During the filming process, the location manager or representative of the location company is directly at the filming place, carrying out administrative functions. Since the shooting process is quite expensive production, in which a large number of human and technical resources are involved, the success of the project largely depends on the quality and the evaluation of the location service.

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