Rent of retro car

Rent of retro cars: fast, cheap and reliable!

Retro cars are always shrouded in a special atmosphere. Passing along the street or just showing off on the show, they will be captivated by the views of thousands of men and women. Add a twist to your movie – a very effective solution. First, it will add a certain charm, nobility and antiquity in the painting, and secondly will attract many lovers of beautiful cars come from the XIX-XX centuries. Rent retro car in Kiev – an area in which the company operates “FilmLocation”. Here bought the old vehicle a well-known TV and film Studio.

What retro cars are available in the range?

One or two cars of this Agency not to manage. All the more reason to always keep them in good condition and to monitor the appearance and serviceability of equipment. Our company can offer its customers more than 30 different vintage cars for rental and more than 20 kinds of motorcycles. Among them, the machines are available distinct models, such as:

  • black convertible MORGAN;
  • vintage black BENTLEY;
  • pink convertible CADILAC, etc.

Our company is always ready to provide Soviet retro auto, the rental of which is also as fast as other foreign counterparts. Available cars, buses, motorcycles, even far since the second world war and the first decades thereafter. What movie would you not removed, we always have transport, its a suitable time step.

Why should you contact “FilmLocation”?

When a movie clip or advertising needs cars ,our company is the best service available in Kiev. The fact is that the owners of such vehicles rarely wish to help modern cinema directly and not willing to risk such expensive equipment without security guarantees. We give such assurances to owners of vintage cars, motorcycles and other things, but also provide protection of the rights of ordinary tenants of such equipment.

Signing the contract by both parties, the company “FilmLocation” has the opportunity to provide a wide range of vintage cars for hire to its customers, eliminating thus the risk of vehicle owners. Guarantee all with nice prices and access to nearby filming locations.

Retro cars, rental deals, our company always:

  1. In perfect condition.
  2. Are as close as possible to you.
  3. Available in a huge range.
  4. Constantly in stock.
  5. Have reasonable rental price.
  6. Rent legally and safely.
  7. Often go as a gift with a discount, etc.

In addition to all this, you will be served by experienced and friendly managers. They will help you choose the most suitable for filming retro transport and will discuss absolutely all concerns of the parties, the details of the orders. Search vehicles always available at our website, where the catalogue of cars added and updated regularly. Book vintage cars for hire we have in “FilmLocation”. We work quickly, harmoniously, efficiently, without emptying your wallet.

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