For owners of real estate and transport

How to make money on a movie or how to make money with a movie?

If You have your own property or any vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat, etc.) and You want to make on this, we offer You a unique opportunity – rental property and transport for filming.

It’s very simple: You have a property, house, apartment, office, industrial site or other real property, You have a car, motorcycle, van, helicopter, etc. and You want to make any money not selling and not renting on a long lease, then You can simply contact us and we will help You through Your property for filming movies or commercials.

Working with us, You will be able to get income with virtually no effort, Your property and Your transport will work for You, while remaining always with You.

We guarantee to the owner of the property and transport safety and order in the provided spaces and facilities, market prices for rent and the presence of the object in the database, available for film workers.

Individual approach to each object and the vehicle ensures the best market conditions for You.

You decide to make a property for a movie or your own vehicle, then You just need to contact us, we will assess Your property and car, discussed the price, warranties and conditions of cooperation.

How it works:

Step 1.

Photography locations or transport

Step 2.

The presentation of the photos to the customer (production studios, film companies, etc.), pre-selection

Step 3.

Coordination of dates, times, procedures and conditions with the owner and the customer

Step 4.

Viewing locations creative team (Director, cameraman, artist, etc.)

Step 5.


Real estate for rent for movie – comfortably and safely!
Rent of vehicle for the movie - good income!

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