For owners of real estate and transport

How to make money on the movie or how to make money with the movie? If you have your own property or any vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat, etc.) and you want to earn on it, we offer you a unique opportunity - renting real estate and transport for filming.

It's very simple: you have a property, a house, an apartment, an office, an industrial site or other real estate, you have a car, a motorcycle, a minibus, a helicopter, etc. and you want to earn on this without selling and not renting out a long lease, then you just need to contact us and we will help you by providing your object for shooting a movie or advertising.

Working with us, you will be able to receive income without any special efforts, your real estate and your transport will work for you, while always staying with you.

We guarantee to the owner safety and order in the provided facilities and facilities, market rental prices and the availability of the facility in the base, accessible to the film industry workers. Individual approach to each object and vehicle guarantees the best market conditions for you. You decided to make money on real estate for cinema or on your own vehicle, then you just need to contact us, we will evaluate your facility and car, discussing the cost, guarantees and terms of cooperation.

How it works:

Step 1. Taking photos of location or transport

Step 2. Presentation of photos to the customer (production studio, film company, etc.), preliminary selection

Step 3. Coordination of dates, time, order of work and conditions with the owner and customer

Step 4. Viewing the location by the creative group (director, cameraman, artist, etc.)

Step 5. Filming

Rental of real estate for the movie - convenient and reliable!

Rent a transport for the movie - a pleasant income!

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