About the project

Welcome to the website dedicated to the search and selection of locations, games and transport for filming movies and commercials, music videos, photo shooting and many other things that require extraordinary interiors, exteriors, locations and required You game transport.

Where to rent a movie? Where to shoot commercials? Where to find transport? The answer to these questions You can find on our website. Always in the presence of a large number of locations for the filming of the interiors of houses, apartments, office and industrial premises in Kiev and Kiev region, as well as a variety of games transport, including cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters and more. We are a team of experts in the field of real estate and the industry, we offer You the best interiors as locations for filming movies and commercials, as well as provide You with the ordered game transport. Our interiors meet the requirements necessary to the shooting process. A large selection of different interior styles such as classic style, modern style, art Nouveau, Provence, country and more, will allow You to choose the one that best suits Your artistic concept, story and script. Offering various locations for filming, we provide a full range location of the service needed on the set, meeting the requirements of the property owner.

Absolutely any gaming transport: road, water, air, etc., will allow you to implement all Your ideas.

By visiting our website, You probably disappear questions: Where to shoot a movie? Where to shoot commercials? Where to find gaming.

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