Unique transport for unforgettable celebrations!

Description: Organizing a wedding, a birthday, a trip to the countryside,an important task is the selection of vehicles. Everyone wants to look original and beautiful car for your celebration. The company “FilmLocation” offers the rental of cars and other vehicles, previously starred in famous movies, music videos and commercials. Decorate your holiday original!

In childhood many of us have seen luxury cars, helicopters and boats only in the movies, music videos or commercials. Then there is the naive desire to buy a swallow in adult life. Alas, few can afford the luxury AstonMartinDBIII James bond or PontiacFirebirdTransAm 1977 from the movie “Smokey and the bandit”.To rent a car from these popular paintings is a dream of many. This will highlight particularly the way to the wedding, Shuttle, and any other celebration. Our company “FilmLocation” is engaged in rent of transport in Kiev for the shooting of many films and other projects. We have a wide range of different techniques, and we are ready to make your event unforgettable!

Any transport from movies for your holiday!

Today an unprecedented popular themed celebrations. Weddings celebrated in retro style or with a focus on folk traditions, name – in the form of biker parties and races, etc. to Create an original atmosphere, of course, help not only the outfits of the guests and the design of their venue, but also special transport. The company “FilmLocation” the most whimsical customer will find the perfect vehicle. In our Park you can always choose:

  1. Helicopters, airplanes, gliders.
  2. Yachts, boats, jet skis, rowing boats, ships, fishing Seiners.
  3. Cars, machinery, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles.

At any time of the day you can rent a retro car or motorcycle close to your location. All transport is always in good condition and well maintained externally.

Where did “FilmLocation” such a huge range?

Working for several years in the industry, our team has established a solid and completely legitimate when dozens of owners of different vehicles. Now “FilmLocation” able to offer its customers a variety of vehicles, which will originally decorate any wedding, trip, birthday and other celebrations. We are pleased to provide special transportation with unique stories that stoned in the frame of the mass known films and clips. Also in our Arsenal is the real estate that served as film set many video projects.

What benefits do our clients get?

In cooperation with the company “FilmLocation”, you get:

  • unique transportation and real estate, involved in a variety of films, clips, etc.;
  • a special atmosphere, decoration of your celebration;
  • professional service with loads of promotions and lucrative offers;
  • guaranteed to legitimate the execution of all documents on the car;
  • availability of transport as close to the location of your celebration.

Team “FilmLocation” will make your wedding, birthday, outing and parties unforgettable. We will help you to create that special atmosphere in your favorite movies. Adorn your celebration with the original company “FilmLocation”!

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